Cartoon Network Rebrands for 2009

New year and new channel identity work already launching. My friends at LA-based Capacity rebrands category leader Cartoon Network for 2009. While the 2006 rebrand of NBC collected industry-wide attention for its distinctly interactive feel, the new brand assignment for client Cartoon Network includes some wonderfully devised characters (designed by the team at KidRobot).

Described as:

An interchangeable system of elements that gathered all of CN’s characters into one place. The blank figures, called Noods,  are canvases upon which characters of all shapes, sizes, and styles can coexist. The resulting world is a playground of rich colors and unlimited combinations, ownable only by Cartoon Network.

The rebrand/reel soundtrack was produced by Capacity as well.

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3 responses to “Cartoon Network Rebrands for 2009

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  3. and these graphics were adapted for Latin America by São Paul0-based Lobo:
    the reason? Kidrobot licensed the Noods for the US only. so they used as a template the Toonixes, the avatars used on CN’s Latin American websites.

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