Snapshot: Channel 4 Ident: Bowling

A quick look back at MPC’s previous work with the iconic logo, which has been made up of, from amongst other things, storage containers, Tokyo street signs, and a music festival stage.

( If you’d like to experience the full high res 3D VR of the Channel 4 logo, you should definitely check this out: )

The idents show the channel 4 logo broken down into its nine blocks, subtly disguised as elements found in each environment shown. While the blocks are static in each of their surroundings, the first person perspective camera moves through the sequence to reveal the Channel 4 logo at the mid-point. The twelve different locations of these events dictated what the actual moving material was. Scenes included hay bales stacked on a stubbled field, looming pylons trailing from a nuclear power station, road work signs on the motorway and neon hoardings for an American diner. In this scenario, privet hedges glide through a bowling green.



In other related news, Ofcom’s PSB is published this Wednesday with Channel 4 and Five clashing over merger plan. Stay tuned.


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  1. any knowledge of where the piece of music originates?

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