R/GA Motion Graphics Historical Reel 1977-2008

Founded in 1977 by the brothers Richard and Robert Greenberg, R/GA, as the company is now known, seems like it’s been around for decades. And well, it has. Their first motion graphics efforts consisted largely of television commercials, but ultimately expanded to producing movie trailers and related promotional materials for such feature films as Superman (1978); All That Jazz (1979); and Altered States (1980); as well as the title sequences and visual bumpers for Xanadu (1980), and Flash Gordon (1980).

R/GA was one of the first companies to assemble, all under one roof, the disparate realms of print advertising, television commercials and motion picture trailers. Among the ground-breaking visual effects projects R/GA has created are sequences for such film as Alien (1979), Predator (1987), Seven (1995), The Bonfire of the Vanities (1990) and Zelig (1981). In all, to date, R/GA has developed opticals and visual effects for over 500 feature films, and has produced over 6000 commercials. Now their new Historical Reel is available for showing.

Spanning 30 years, R/GA’s creative accomplishments tell the story of our evolution from a film production company to a holistic interactive agency built for a digital world. From our roots as a pioneer in computed-assisted filmmaking, to our creation of an integrated digital studio, the new agency model we are building today, we have always been steadfastly committed to innovation.

You can check out the R/GA Historical Reel 1977-2008, here.

The he(art) and business of motion graphics


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