New UK channel- “Blighty” launch details emerge

Update: Blighty has launched:

In what seems to be a very busy week of channel launch and relaunch news…

Details of UKTV’s second factual channel relaunch (behind this week’s Eden), and soon to be relaunched Yesterday were announced beginning with the launch time of Tuesday February 17 at 9AM (get your watches ready!).  The channel which is described “to unashamedly celebrate all that is great, unique and inspirational about Britain today” is targeted at young couples in their 30s and 40s. In 2007, UKTV committed to a long-term project to realign its entire portfolio of TV channels and “future proof” the business.

Blighty’s new, fun slogan is “One nation under a channel”. The on-air branding is being developed by UKTV’s marketing team in partnership with Red Bee. And with a logo like that, I for one, can’t wait to see the campaign idents and adverts roll out.

Does anyone else think that it would look REALLY GOOD hanging outside my West Hollywood home? Yeah- I think so too.


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