The XBOX 360 spec spot you’ve got to see

This is a pretty exclusive glimpse at the XBOX 360 spot that will undoubtedly grab some attention, partly because it was done on spec, mostly for the robotic poetry.

The talented team over at AB5TRAX (pronounced ‘abstracts’) have done the near impossible:

A spec spot in the middle of a belt-tightening recession. (!)

After months of work, they’ve recently finished “XBOX 360 Ultimate Weapon”.  The spot showcases the Hollywood-based design and animation company’s conceptual storytelling prowess. The motion graphics boutique agency is led by Seaton Lin and Ryan Apuy, with producer Hunter Woo. The sound design is helmed by Dan Creech / Revolving Black Bird.

**Concept Animations + Frames Updated at the end of the post**

I’m told creative development and production took place afterhours and in-between projects. Working without a provided brief, the story unfolds:

“In an alternate universe, where artificial intelligence reigns supreme, the top scientists are burdened with a difficult challenge, to create theultimate weapon in the land. As they survey the complex X-Box universe, from Halo to Gears of War to Madden, there is but one great weapon of massdestruction; human hands. And so our mad scientist sets forth on his journey to destroy the enemy and conquer worlds, and the power of the gamer is unleashed. ”

I have to give props to the team for committing to such an ambitious goal. No doubt we’ll be seeing more great work out of LA-based design collective.


Thanks to Hunter for giving us access to showcase some development boards to you. If you are interested in me posting a PDF of the full concept boards, please let me know.

Welder Turntable 3D Test

Welder Turntable 3D Test

Early Robotic Hand Concept

Hand Cradle Concept

Hand Cradle Vis

Ship Model

Ship Model

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9 responses to “The XBOX 360 spec spot you’ve got to see

  1. Very cool, these Ab5trax guys are kicking some ass

  2. extremely well done…elegant and beautiful.

  3. Really cool spot. Love the music with the animation.

  4. Anne

    This is an amazing spot! Anxiously awaiting the next brilliant project from you guys

  5. TK11

    nice work! once again from our friends over at Ab5trak. The piece shows the quality and great sense of design. Good job guys…

  6. A very elegant piece of robotic ballet…

  7. George

    Excellent work, looks fabulous!

  8. bensonmum

    great lighting, great design, kick ass.

  9. Taylor Abercrombie

    Damn! Something this eerie and poetic seems almost wasted on product promotion. This is awesome. I wish there was an extended cut.

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