UKTV Channel Rebranded as Blighty Launches

UKTV People has officially relaunched as Blighty, with the goal of  “unashamedly celebrate all that is great, unique and inspirational about Britain”.

The new website has been fully launched at:

Quick updates:

Update 3:40 PM: UKTV/Blighty Head of Marketing, Tom Lucas visits this blog and shares some of his thoughts

Update 2:45 PM: Blighty Umbrellas given away with Evening Standard at London Bridge Station and Waterloo Station

Update 11:25 AM: Apparently, people are uploading pictures of themselves with their new brollies at:

Update 11:10AM: The kind folks over at Blighty have let me know that a LIMITED EDITION Blighty Umbrella is being given out with the Evening Standard in select locations, tagged with a nice message

Update 10:30AM: Official Blighty Launch Video Updated, New Website Address Posted

My previous Blighty posting received several thousand hits in just a few short weeks- clearly some are really paying attention to this relaunch. As of 10:30AM, this posting has received 1200 views. Feel free to continue emailing me your thoughts on the launch. Congrats Blighty!

And if you’ve been anywhere in Britain this last week, you will have seen the national poster, magazine and newspaper campaign, created by ad agency Watermill. Incidentally, I came across a nifty tray of Blighty branded teabags at Ted Baker this weekend. I tried taking some camera phone evidence but technology was not on my side.

The channel rebrand is being helmed by UKTV’s marketing team (Tom Lucas, Sara Holt, and Gemma Parkinson) and Red Bee.

The channel launches with four idents: chutney, rain, seaside, and tea. The idents are described as “a vibrant showcase involving dancing, synchronized movement and animation combined in a kaleidoscopic and fun world” that has an Austin Powers feel. Each ident features a ditty that pays homage to the best of British. Tea, for example, is called the “saviour of the universe”, while in another ident a man sings about his daily life including the line: “my lager is warm but my summer is not”.

We can share an early glimpse of the chutney ident here.

UKTV’s Tom Lucas is known for his sharp marketing acumen, and the Blighty rebrand is no exception. UKTV History will be relaunched as Yesterday later in March (exact date to be announced). The final wave of the network’s ambitious rebrand to create a portfolio of multi-platform brands will be completed in Q2 2009 with the relaunch of its lifestyle offerings.

We’ll be updating this post through the day with the brand rollout. More details about the Blighty’s themed advertising breaks here.

Or you can get email updates easily by clicking here.




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24 responses to “UKTV Channel Rebranded as Blighty Launches

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  2. Jared

    Thanks for posting these updates! I love the launch campaign! Where do I get an umbrella!

  3. Sarahmd

    I just saw a program on Tweed! I have been looking forward to the launch!

  4. Mrkstant

    The idents are really Austin Powersy. Really happy and joyful. A bit busy but still pleasant.

  5. jkstreet

    Which evening standards do we have to stalk to get one of these umbrellas?! Go Blighty!!!

  6. Kim Stanford

    The Blighty Spotting Gallery isn’t working! I got an umbrella this morning and can’t upload it. Someone should tell the Blighty folks-

    Thanks Denny for your great blog and tip!

  7. Jackson

    I think I just saw a huge Blighty flag! Can someone please post where we can get one of these umbrellas? I would love one! I wasn’t a huge fan of the colors but it’s grown on me.

  8. Karen Stevens

    Really looking forward to My Brilliant Britain. Thanks for the updates!!!

  9. Tom Lucas

    ‘Sharp marketing acumen’ eh? I’m very flattered, but the real genius behind this campaign is Sara Holt, the marketing manager, and our marketing executive Gemma Parkisnon. Watch this space – they will go far. Thank you for your appreciation though – we are having a lot of fun here at UKTV. Tom

  10. Joshua Kitson

    Really love the idents. Great blog Denny! I saw your update on the London Bridge Station and got me one of the umbrellas. It looks SWEET! I love Blighty!!!

  11. Carol S

    I find the look rather quirky, humourous, and irreverent. They do a great job a poking good fun at the things we love about being British.

    How do I get one of those Umbrellas?!@

  12. Mark Stanton

    I’m actually pleasantly surprised by the Blighty look. It’s certainly standing out from the crowd. The other channels look so boring.

  13. Mike S

    Thanks for posting this. My wife and I have been watching in anticipation. Blighty is far better than so many channels out there.

  14. Christa

    Love the new idents! Really quirky and yummy! Anyone know if that song is available for download somewhere?

  15. Michael Lapis

    I keep checking the brollies site for umbrellas! Anyone know if there are any more available? This is 100x better than the UKTV People look. I will definitely be watching more.

  16. JT

    I’m not sure how well I like the spots yet. I guess I’ll have to wait and see what the rest look like. Time will tell.

  17. Matt S

    Let’s hope the programming is as good as the nifty visual hook! I for one love the idents so far!

  18. haifa fans

    amazing topic
    thx u

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  20. Carol

    Denny- Love the blog! I’m a design student in New York and I love the new network branding. Wonder how this would do in the US. We showed the spot in class today, rave!

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