UKTV Gardens Rebranding as “Really”, Style becomes “Home”

UKTV Style and UKTV Gardens will be relaunched as “Home” and “Really” respectively as UKTV continues it’s ambitious brand overhaul of its channel portfolio. No details have yet been officially announced regarding UKTV Food.

Update 19 May: Really has launched! Breaking news here:

Update 19 May (2): It should be noted that the gardening content which it previously aired when it was called UKTV Gardens, has now been absorbed by sister channel Home, previously named UKTV Style.

Home will target 35-54 year old viewers with inspirational home and gardens programming. Shows will include DIY SOS, Escape to the Country, Groundforce and the flagship Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. It is designed to show viewers “how to enjoy and maximise their space, both inside and out” and will have the tag line: “Home – there’s no place like it”. The website will be

Really is providing honest insight into people’s lives, offering “feisty, straight-talking and good natured programming targeted to female-skewing channel targeting 18 to 35 year olds.” Jane Mote, UKTV Director of factual, lifestyle and new media, explains that the positioning will be “zeitgeisty and noisy female brand”. From Baby Borrowers, Extraordinary Breastfeeding and The Rachel Zoe Project to Freaky Eaters and Say No To The Knife, Really might raise a few eyebrows, but it’ll definitely get you talking.

The tag line is: “Really. You couldn’t make it up”. The website will be

Really launches May 19th. Really.



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11 responses to “UKTV Gardens Rebranding as “Really”, Style becomes “Home”

  1. dunkley08

    Don’t like the logos very much.

  2. Olivia

    These logos really are appalling – they look half finished! The ‘Home’ logo is very dated and insipid, whilst the ‘Really’ logo just looks like it was created with a complete lack of thought. What does it say about the brand? It doesn’t look very female or noisy. I’m slap bang in the middle of their target audience, and I’m not connecting with it at all!

    Not quite on the same level as the Dave rebrand, methinks.

  3. Janet


    I don’t know if I were to go so far as to say appalling. Truth be told i really like “really”. It’s fun to say and quite interesting. As for the logos, I don’t think these represent well in print anyhow. Wonder who did them.

    In any case- I like the new direction and have always been a UKTV fan. Really!

  4. Mary021

    The home logo looks nice. I expect “really” to be out there.

    I didn’t personally like the Dave stuff much but I can see the attraction. I think UKTV is getting it right, just hopefully they will continue to reach out to viewers like us. Where can we send our feedback? I’ve been following this blog for awhile, glad we’re able to get a sneak peek at what’s going on.

  5. I think it’s backwards, but I could be wrong, but it seems like UKTV Gardens is becoming Home and UKTV Style is becoming Really based on the network descriptions.

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  8. The really logo looks better on screen and on the website

  9. Poppy

    what a load of old shit… if it ain’t broke don’t fix it

    and people that like gardening programmes don’t want to watch homes under the hammer, diy sos and shite like that either. Looks to me like they’re trying to alienate the older viewers (like my great uncle Pete)

  10. Craig & Jo

    We concur entirely with Poppy. Where in these new rebrandings do the Gardening shows actually fit in? After looking through the TV listings for the week on Virgin media I can not see a single gardening related program next to old reruns of Ground force.

    We’ve always been fans of the UKTV channels but these new spates of “rebranding” for the sake of it have really lowered the quality of the shows that are being broadcast under them.


  11. Les

    I agree with Poppy, Craig and Jo. I’m very disappointed. UKTV Gardening was one of the reasons I agreed to have satellite tv in the house.
    Home appears to have nothing of interest to me.
    Can’t imagine that the rebrand will pull in more viewers than it will inevitably loose. Hopefully when this becomes apparent the bright sparks responsible will get their just reward and we can return to a proper gardening channel.
    Fingers crossed.

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