A Collection: ITV1 Idents 2004-2009

It was just a few years that a survey of twenty six different groups representing over 6000 viewers found, that although ITV had used consistent on-air branding, that few could remember and identify them. A breakdown of viewer population attitudinal behavior from the study (at the time) is provided after the jump later in this post.



Times have certainly changed. As channel brands continue to mature, it’s nice to be able to be able to look at a collection of idents and track a bit of it’s evolutionary course. Here for your easy consumption, are the ITV1 Idents from 2004-2009.

*Update: the Youtube video was removed. Will provide an alternate shortly!



The previous attitudinal study that I referred to did break down the ITV viewer population down into 6 different audience segments. Segment one (the most valuable but low users of ITV) are plugged-in male achievers, who value the internet above TV. ITV4 is created for them. The second segment are ambitious fun lovers with a taste for designer clothes and clubbing. ITV2 with its focus on 16-24s. They (did at the time of the study) account for 20% of ITV’s advertising revenue.

Group three are cultured connoisseurs, who visit galleries, eat organic food, and garden. They avoid ITV, but are wealthy, and key to ITV3’s future. In fourth place are middle-of-the-road traditionalists, who hate technology, are heavy TV viewers and buy goods in cash. In category five are television-loving trend followers, who lap up local news and believe money measures success. These, with segment two, are key advertiser targets. Category six are home-loving television addicts, who focus on getting value for money.


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