ITV Launches Ambitious Brand Campaign

ITV has launched an ambitious new brand campaign tagged “The Brighter Side”. The commercial spots, which launched last week through television, cinema, and online channels got an audience of an opportunity through it’s premiere on “Britain’s Got Talent” (go Susan Boyle, go!). According to ITV, the channel is “the most entertaining, upbeat, optimistic programming in the UK”.

The brand spot from Agency Bartle Bogle Hegarty aims to promote ITV as a destination for optimism, shared experience and entertainment. Director Rupert Sanders, who won this year’s Cannes Lions Grand Prix for his Xbox Halo 3 commercial, created a scene in which we find children exploring a dull, boring Britain until they pierce the clouds above by throwing stones, letting out ray after ray of sunshine. Post production was done by The Mill.

The big budget commercial aims to differentiate ITV1 from its competitors and remind viewers that ITV is one of the UK’s most loved brands. By attempting to produce a bold, filmic, long-length television advert (the 90 second film also exists as a cut-down 60-second and a longer two minute twenty-second version) ITV is trying to showcase how powerful the medium of television remains and why brands should use television to communicate their messages.

Inevitably, comparisons will be made between large “brand anthem” commercial spots. Here for your sampling is Discovery Channel’s 2008 :60 offering “The World is Just Awesome” via LA Agency 72andSunny. Apples and oranges, sure. But interesting comparative approach nonetheless.



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5 responses to “ITV Launches Ambitious Brand Campaign

  1. I like the fact that you paired these two together, because as I was watching ITV’s branding campaign, I thought to myself: “Wow, networks in the US just aren’t this creative when attempting to capture viewers.”

    ITV’s spot evoked emotion in me. I “felt” the sense of despair in the beginning, the sense of anticipation mid-stream, and then the sense of elation at the end. And what better way to develop such imagery than using children (the epitome of innocence and hope). Very well done!

    Then looking at the Discovery Channel’s spot, and you get more of the same that we always see here in the States. Before I even watched it, I knew it would be a montage of the popular shows that air on their network. Predictable.

    What say you about these obvious differences in branding? Is it a cultural thing? Why aren’t stimulating visuals this creative in the US? I’m tired of explosions being considered “stimulating.”

  2. Thanks for sharing the work coming out of the UK. I must say we have become quite big fans of your blog and look forward to our daily email!

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  5. I was wondering if the film of the children on a beach being miserable with nothing to do was inspired by ITV1’s decisions not only to stop broadcasting children’s programmes in the afternoons but also to stop making children’s programming altogether?

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