Nat Geo Wild Reveals New Brand Campaign *Updated*

National Geographic International has revealed a new brand campaign and on-air graphics package for its Nat Geo Wild channel. The materials – shot entirely in HD – complement the channel’s new “Get Closer” tagline, and begin airing globally this month.

NGCI commissioned UK-based creative agency Devilfish to develop the brand campaign and Argentinean-based Medialuna design studio for the new graphics package. The “Get Closer” tagline and four “B-roll” brand spots created by Devilfish illustrate the extent to which Nat Geo Wild and its filmmakers will go to bring viewers into the very heart of the natural world. Inspired by National Geographic wildlife filmmaker stories from the field, the 30 and 45 second brand spots recreate these extraordinary moments from narrowly escaping a treacherous fall while filming on a remote mountain cliff to wading through leech-infested waters in search of howler monkeys.

Inspired by wildlife film-makers’ stories, the 15 HD spots include treacherous mountain falls and people wading through leech-infested waters.

Available both on-air and online, they capture candid shares accounts of dangerous encounters, disgusting moments and tedious undertakings endured to secure the perfect shot.

Shadow casting, depth of field, turbulence distrortions and lens flares was used to make the date, time and show information seem a part of the environments.

“The new look and brand campaign reinforces Nat Geo Wild as the leading provider of high-quality wildlife programming”, said Rafael Sandor, Executive Vice President of Creative & Marketing for NGCI. “’Get Closer’ and the “B-roll” brand spots introduce viewers to our filmmakers who passionately embrace exploration and push boundaries to better understand our world – core values that are unique to the National Geographic brand”.

“We’re all used to seeing amazing wildlife shots. Creating a campaign that successfully captures the lengths to which wildlife filmmakers are prepared to go to in order to get these shots was a tough challenge, but I really feel we’ve cracked it,” said Kjetil Njoten, Creative Director for Devilfish. “Having the rawness of “B-roll” backed up by the insights of “Conversation” this campaign has successfully placed the passion and dedication of the wildlife filmmaker at the heart of the channel”.

“We developed a non-conventional approach of recreating five natural habitats in an innovative way. Combining various techniques including 2D and 3D animation, we achieved a look that complements rather than competes with the fantastic imagery featured in Nat Geo Wild’s programming”, said Eduardo Maraggi, Creative Director for Medialuna.

The multilateral campaign also incorporates a dedicated micro site, which allows visitors to upload their own “get closer” moments, and learn more about the wildlife filmmakers dedicated to producing the content on television. On-air, the brand spots will be augmented by idents featuring sharks, jellyfish, bears and more in their natural environments.



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3 responses to “Nat Geo Wild Reveals New Brand Campaign *Updated*

  1. Jenna M

    This campaign is quite beautiful. Thanks for posting it. Especially appreciate the video updates!

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  3. Monica

    This new campaign sounds awesome. I love Nat Geo Wild. I get it in HD through DISH Network and it looks incredible! I can’t get enough of nature and animals; since I work for DISH I changed packages as soon as Nat Geo Wild was added.

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