UKTV Launches New Lifestyle Channel “Really” Brand Campaign

Today: UKTV has unveiled the new on-air branding campaign for Really, the newly rebranded UKTV Gardens channel. The “pop art style” brand campaign is supported by Really’s new end line, “You couldn’t make it up”. UKTV’s new lifestyle channel offers an honest insight into people’s lives. Targeting predominately women aged 18-35, Really offers a point of difference with feisty, straight talking and good natured programming.

New television ads will air across the UKTV network, Virgin TV and Sky channels.

Update 19 May: Due to the large number of visitors, emails, and comments asking about gardening related programming, it should be noted that the gardening content previously aired when it was called UKTV Gardens, has now been absorbed by sister channel Home, previously named UKTV Style.

The channel aims to bring glamour, attitude, and fun to viewers, starting with tonight’s premier of Rachel Zoe Project. I have to admit, I love that show- top of my season pass list on my DVR in Los Angeles. Love her or hate her, Rachel Zoe is something to behold. (And an absolute hoot to work with).

A national survey of 2,000 Brits was specially commissioned to mark the launch of new TV channel,  uncovering the lies people tell over a lifetime as well as those told on a daily basis to provide a compelling insight into Britain in 2009.

The findings reveal that age is the No.1 lifetime lie – suggesting that Brits simply can’t resist playing fast and loose with the statistics when it comes to telling people how old they are.  36% of Brits admit that they have regularly lied about their age. Unexpectedly, the survey also reveals that men are the biggest gossips, with 20% admitting that they generally can’t keep a big secret for more than one day compared with a mere 6% of women.

Clare Laycock, Really Channel Head states, “Our findings prove that we are a sensationalist nation and Brits love to share a secret about others, but tend to lie in order to protect their own image. Really is bang on trend, giving an insight into the lives of the British public through smart, straight talking programmes and stories that you just couldn’t make up”

Designed to depict those “Really moments” of transformation or empowerment for women, the channel branding package, created by Red Bee Media, launches with a new logo, four idents, endboards, break bumpers, a full on-screen presentation system and promotional kit plus a 60/30/10 second launch promo. The bright pop art style provides a lush framework to the channel’s glamorous programming lineup.

Special thanks to Denise Wild, UKTV’s talented Lifestyle Marketing Manager who sent me all of the idents seen today, including which could be the first gay kiss animated or otherwise in a television ident as seen here:



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10 responses to “UKTV Launches New Lifestyle Channel “Really” Brand Campaign

  1. Summers

    TV can take itself too seriously, I really love how this all feels. I don’t know much about the channel’s programming, but would definitely check it out now.

  2. Jackie King Smith

    A really beautiful campaign. I love how fun, quirky and honest it is.

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  4. Debbie R

    You have to hand it to them. The creative team behind this campaign is really taking some risks. I love how eccentric the idents are. Wondering if there are any outdoor marketing campaigns to support the on-air look?

    Me likey!


  5. StantonR15

    Not sure if I’m a fan of the comic/pop art look but it certainly catches your eye. Then again, I’m not in really the demo.

  6. Christine

    This would make a great poster campaign. Why can’t we have a channel like this in the States?

    Oxygen needs life, Lifetime is so serious, and what ever happened to WE?

  7. I think the logo looks so much better in the context of the idents. I wasn’t sure about it when I first saw it… The idents are fun, and to be honest I think they stand out from the crowd in a quirky kind of way.

    I’m slap bang in the middle of their audience target and whilst the programming is probably a bit too trashy for me, I am loving the ‘Really’ look. It doesn’t patronise women at all – which is the most refreshing thing of all about this campaign.

  8. Marcella Marks

    I have to agree with Mooko. She summed up exactly how I was feeling about the brand when I first saw the logo. Thanks for sharing the video of the idents, it really ties it all together really nicely.

    Btw, we are huge fans of your blog!

  9. I think Really is Really good. I love the comic strip style in the branding, it makes it more hip and unique. But I think the bright colours could get annoying if you watch it a lot.

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