Virgin1 Prepares Rebrand, Red Revealed as New Face of the Channel

Breaking News: Virgin1 today reveals the identity of its hottest new talent and face of the channel, Red. The character has been recruited to embody the personality and values of the Virgin1 brand, and will appear on air from 9th June at 9pm. The full reveal of Virgin1’s rebrand follows the channel’s recent announcement that it is extending its hours on Freeview, celebrating its highest rating month since launch. Check back June 10th for a video compilation of the new on-air rebrand.

Red is a naughty, impish and fun-filled character who will be making his presence felt throughout Virgin1. Virgin1 has taken the concept of an on screen character to encapsulate its brand further than any other broadcaster by employing Red who will be bringing those brand characteristics to life both on and off screen.

In his new role, Red will take charge of all programme navigation and credit rolls by adding his own commentary and onscreen activity. His interactions will be tailored to the programmes onscreen as he gives his own cheeky slant on the Virgin1 brand so ensuring the movement between programmes is as entertaining as the shows themselves.

Jeff Dodds, Brand and Marketing Director, Virgin Media Television said, “This is the first time ever a character has been used to embody and personify the values of a channel in quite this way, and we’re delighted to be pushing boundaries once again. As Virgin1 has evolved we wanted to bring the values of the channel alive. It is known for being irreverent, unexpected and a little bit naughty, and Red definitely encapsulates all of these values.”

“He will be mixing things up both onscreen and off, and will be giving viewers yet another reason to tune in. We hope that Red is not just someone that viewers will come to associate with the channel, but that his character and individuality will make them love Virgin1 even more.”

As the new face of the channel, Red will appear in Virgin1 idents with a host of Virgin1’s well-known stars including Chuck (Zachary Levi) and Danny Dyer, as well as using idents to enact his own irreverent take on programme favourites such as The Unit, Star Trek and Trawlers Rigs and Rescues.

The concept behind Red and creation of the character has been led by Virgin Media Television’s recently appointed Brand and Marketing Director Jeff Dodds and creative agency Red Bee Media alongside VMtv’s in-house creative team.

Red has been brought to life by Paul Jomain, the man behind PG Tips’s Monkey. Virgin1 has created a complete living environment for Red and viewers will see him interacting with Virgin1 programming on his sofa and various other places in his own home.

Also appearing on 9th June will be a dynamic new logo, which takes on a retro feel and is much more closely aligned to the Virgin brand. Red will also be expressing himself and engaging with viewers through his own Facebook and Bebo pages, Twitter feed and weekly downloadable musings on iTunes.

Virgin Media is the largest Virgin company in the world and has almost 10 million customers.


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  1. Ken251

    Love the new imp. Brilliant.

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