Virgin1 Launches Rebrand

At 9pm on Tuesday, Virgin1 officially unveiled its new ambitious new rebrand. We were welcomed by by none other than Virgin’s own Richard Branson and Red- the cute, crafty, and impish new face of the network. The character was recruited to embody the personality and values of the Virgin1 brand. You can watch a quick montage of the rebrand by clicking here. In his new role, Red will take charge of all programme navigation and credit rolls by adding his own commentary and onscreen activity.

His interactions will be tailored to the programmes onscreen as he gives his own cheeky slant on the Virgin1 brand so ensuring the movement between programmes is as entertaining as the shows themselves. Virgin1 has taken the concept of an on screen character to encapsulate its brand further than any other broadcaster by employing Red who will be bringing those brand characteristics to life both on and off screen.

The comprehensive on-air branding assignment was led by Virgin Media Television brand & marketing director Jeff Dodds (the former Honda marketing executive who joined the broadcaster earlier this year) in conjunction with channel branding creative agency Red Bee Media.



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4 responses to “Virgin1 Launches Rebrand

  1. Mike S12

    I have to admit The Life & Times of Tim is one of the most hilarious shows I have seen in a very long time. I laughed nearly constantly from start to finish.

    The new character and idents are a breath of fresh air-

  2. Paul Slatfield

    Some of the idents are certainly clever, but the one with the mask is absolutely incredible. I can’t stop laughing. They should just play it on a loop.

    The new idents feel like Virgin, a bit edgy, young, hip and most certainly not boring.

  3. ChrisK

    Absolutely hilarious. Was he wearing a leather mask and playing with his nipples? Love the brand extension-!

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