UKTV Completes Portfolio Rebrand with Launch of “Good Food”

Today: Over the last 18 months, UKTV and long-standing creative partner Red Bee Media have overhauled the broadcaster’s entire portfolio of ten channels, in what is the largest and most ambitious branding exercise in British broadcasting history. The final channel rebrand, Good Food (formerly UKTV Food) relaunches today, June 22.

UKTV’s Marketing and Communications Director, Tom Lucas, and Lifestyle Marketing Manager, Denise Wild, tasked Red Bee with encouraging a more diverse audience to the channel by making it feel more entertaining and less exclusively for ‘foodies’. The result? A fresh and lively rebrand that captures viewers’ universal love of food.

UKTV’s Denise Wild explains, “Developing Good Food brand identity has been a very different experience from our nine preceding rebrands.  We had to align our new multiplatform brand with the established Good Food brand with a view to creating one food superbrand, while also ensuring our TV proposition is distinct and appealing to our current UKTV Food viewers.”

“To do this, we’ve utilised the Good Food type face within our logo but altered its alignment and positioning, and also used the recognised colour palette to create an on screen presentation kit that is both fresh and modern in feel.”

Red Bee Media developed an initial package of four idents, titled “Stir Fry”, “Wild Food”, “Dinner Party” and “Sunday Roast” that capture the energy, the fun and the social aspect that comes across when eating and preparing food.

Alongside the idents, the company also produced a full OSP kit – including all navigation menus, blips, which are momentary on-screen interruptions and break bumpers for the channel – and a launch promo (10 sec, 30 sec and 60 sec versions) that is currently playing across all 17 UKTV and Virgin TV channels.  An off-air marketing campaign is planned for Q4 2009 to support a raft of new commissions and acquisitions that will premiere from September.

Andy Bryant, Director, Creative at Red Bee Media comments, “Changing the face of UKTV has demonstrated how a distinctive and relevant brand identity is one of the more potent and effective options available to broadcasters to achieve audience and revenue growth. Our work with UKTV has already delivered real financial payback in a fiercely competitive television market place.”



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2 responses to “UKTV Completes Portfolio Rebrand with Launch of “Good Food”

  1. Mattias

    I like the Wild Food ident. Will be really interesting to see how these evolve over time. Food Network had a bit of trouble solidifying it’s image initially but finally has settled into a groove. These are actually quite simple and spirited.

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