First Look- Syfy “House of Imagination”

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Sorry for lack of postings in the last week. I have been flying between London, New York, and LA, and with it some not so fun travel fatigue. Nothing that some new work won’t cure. Celebrating Syfy’s unique spin on imagination, the 2 minute film features stars from Warehouse 13, Eureka, Ghost Hunters, Caprica, Sanctuary, Stargate Universe, Destination Truth and ECW.

Michael Engleman, Vice President, Creative, Syfy, explains, “Coming off the most successful year in our 16-year history, we wanted to create a brand film that both celebrates the genre and also feels human, relatable, and wildly creative, highlighting the wide array of casts and character who inhabit Syfy’s ever broadening programming landscape. Through this unique creative collaboration, we’re honoring and embracing a powerful global brand with deep roots in the popular culture.”

Manhattan will be the hub of Syfy rebranding events. In addition to year-long free WyFy (yes, WyFy) at Union Square and Times Square, the network will construct an interactive Imagination Park at the north plaza of Rockefeller Center that will feature program-centric set pieces from July 7-12. The network also has signed on as a presenting sponsor of the Museum of Modern Art’s Tim Burton retrospective in November.

Prepare for the full launch of the new Syfy next week July 7.

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