MTV Refreshes Brand Across International Channels

MTV has launched an ambitious rebrand across 64 of their international channels. The brand assignment included on-air, web, and print elements for an international audience of 524 million viewers.

The goal: cement the channel’s reputation as a powerhouse of youth-oriented programming and creative output. The aim is to continue and enhance the innovative spirit of MTV’s 27 year legacy, and to establish a coherent brand language across 160 different countries spanning 31 languages including Japanese, Russian and Chinese.

This resulted in the reinvention of the onscreen information graphics with a time-line based system to establish ‘Where you are in MTV time’. The MTV logo remains in a fixed top left position onscreen at all times and acts as an anchor for the new system of information display – with the title of the current program always appearing immediately to the right of the logo in a blue progress-bar so viewers can gauge where they are in the current program. “Now the logo is sacred,” says Roberto Bagatti, Vice President of Creative for MTV Networks International.

The eight secondary typefaces were selected for their expressive or emotion-inducing nature – and to add an element of fun to the onscreen identity of the channel. The first six new channel idents were based on an idea of “pop x 1000%” which was, says Bagatti, “the rebrand project’s title and mantra.”

The assignment was led UK-based Universal Everything in collaboration with Roberto Bagatti, Creative Director of MTV World Design Studio Milano and Dylan Griffith – Creative Director of MTV North.



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