Getting to That Beautiful Idea

There’s certainly something to be said about how undervalued the words “creative process” can be sometimes. We send finished work around the world, links to :15 spots, channel branding montages, beautifully crafted, meticulously shaped, loved and birthed. Oft times we can forget that these assignments begin with just a simple brief, a conference call with a shared creative goal and a singular focused vision.

And although wiredriving links or Fedex’ng reels has been the expected route of first contact- when looking at a newly finished piece of work, I often times find myself asking: What did it take to get there, to that great big beautiful idea.

A few days ago, Director Jon Yeo sent me a nice email (thanks for the kind words on my blog Jon) which included this :90 VFX breakdown of the Sky Twister Ident.

And as always, that friendly reminder. We don’t sell people, places, or things. We sell an experience (both literally and figuratively), an undeniably unique approach to creative solution-making. Now that’s something to think about the next time a client calls.


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One response to “Getting to That Beautiful Idea

  1. Cindy Michaels

    As always, you are eloquent and offer a friendly reminder to us on the importance of not losing sight of that core ideal. It is easy to forget how much work goes into these projects.

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