FX (UK) Unveils 6 New Idents

Last Friday, six new on-screen idents have been revealed for UK television channel FX. The ident scenarios include “carpark”, “casino”, “crime scene”, and “swimming pool”. The FX logotype has been adjusted slightly, and now includes the channel’s web address. Stay tuned for more info and associated video with this breaking story.



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3 responses to “FX (UK) Unveils 6 New Idents

  1. Who owns FX in the UK? So there is a box out there, but not here?

    • dennytu

      Hey Connor-

      FX in the UK is also owned by Fox. With regards to the FX (US) Branding Campaign launched in 2008 “There is No Box”, FX (UK) does indeed still have the box in its logo.

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