Nine Network Looks to Rebrand

Sydney: As insiders speculated, it looks like Australia’s Nine Network is proceeding with a complete on-air rebrand, and will reposition the channel as “the home of TV”. The blue livery and iconic nine logo are expected to remain, but the broader brand platform looks to emphasize the network’s on-air promotions, news, and current affairs programming.

Nine, which during its years as Australia’s top rated network with the tagline “Still The One” had a particular strong ratings week with a 27.3% share in all demographics, to Seven’s 27.8 % and Ten’s 21.8%. The new branding campaign follows “We love TV”, “Smile”, and “Heart” campaigns launched in 2008.

The new branding campaign will most likely de-emphasize (costlier) program specific promotions, focusing more on generic program idents. The hero channel’s rebrand comes only weeks after the introduction of the GO! brand caused a few technical blips at the network.

Pulled a few Nine Network idents (from recent years) for readers who might not be familiar with the brand history. I am a big fan of the Aus/Asia market and will certainly be keeping a close eye on this one.

Click keep reading for a couple more reference videos.



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2 responses to “Nine Network Looks to Rebrand

  1. J Ross

    Great to see folks keeping us up to date on the Aussie market. We are big fans of the blog here- keep up the great work!

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