Australia Seeking Creative Agency for £10M Rebrand

Although I keep 90%+ blog postings on branding & motion graphics for the screen; every once in awhile, an assignment comes along that really does tickle the creative fancy (London rebrand anyone?).

It has been confirmed that Australia is proceeding with a $20M (£10M) rebrand, with Trade Minister Simon Crean adding, “Building Brand Australia has an unashamedly commercial focus which will help promote Australia as a great place to live, a great country in which to do business, and a great place to invest. We’re trying to sell our goods and services better to the world on the basis of better promoting the full breadth of our capacity.”

In an effort to rival the success of brands like ”100% Pure New Zealand” and ”Malaysia Truly Asia”, the country is seeking creative & advertising agencies to come up with a new Australian image.

Although the creative & advertising assignment details are still being worked out, it looks to include a new logo and tagline to boost Australia’s image abroad. In the past, advertising has focused on positioning Australia as a fun and laid-back place to visit, most famously in ads urging viewers to “throw another shrimp on the barbie”. Officials want the new brand to replace the different logos used in tourism and trade – all of which feature kangaroos – with one consistent image. Australia appears to be taking some cues from neighboring New Zealand’s “100% Pure” campaign that generated an almost immediate 10% jump in visitors to the country.

About $3M will be spent on developing the new brand and tagline, with the remainder to be spent over the following three years on advertising abroad. You can expect to see the new brand rolled out domestically February 2010, and internationally in May at the Shanghai World Expo. As a sidenote, the new marketing assignment does not affect Tourism Australia’s current relationship with retained agencies DDB and Carat.

And finally, as for Australian Creative Agency or not…

Crean appeared equivocal over the issue of whether the brief would be open to agencies outside of Australia.

In an interview he said it wouldn’t be mandatory that it was an Australian agency, but that the country should have “confidence in our own strengths”.


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