MTV Serves Up Fresh Ident Package, Taylor Swift Scrambled

You need not go further than the credit list for these just released spots from MTV to find some humor. Cream cheese stylist? Check. Egg & coffee stain stylist? You betcha.

MTV’s On-Air design team, led by SVP On-Air Design Jeffrey Keyton, VP On-Air Design Romy Mann, and Design Director David McElwaine, lend their imagination to a set of brand new idents for AMtv, MTV’s new block of morning music video programming.

The concept? Pareidolia, the psychological phenomenon whereby random images are perceived as being something more significant. Sorta akin to when people (think they) see the Virgin Mary on a chocolate bar. The idents are the second series in an overall package of four, all revolving around a breakfast theme to coincide with morning programming.

Shot over two days, most of the idents were shot in camera with the exception of the Rihanna and Lil’ Wayne spots, which are computer generated. For Green Day, Eminem and Taylor Swift, the team at MTV brought in stylists Michael Lawrence and Ben Kress to style the cream cheese and eggs (yeah I’m serious). As for the Kanye/Taylor Swift “episode” at the VMAs last night- I don’t see Beyonce in any of these new idents, do you?



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2 responses to “MTV Serves Up Fresh Ident Package, Taylor Swift Scrambled

  1. Mark Caine

    Where do you find this stuff? Brilliant! Quite playful and thoughtprovoking concept-

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