RTÉ Two: The New Colorful Rebrand Unveiled

Breaking News: Last night at 7pm, RTÉ formally unveiled its latest channel refresh. The new RTÉ Two branding and on-screen package was developed by the in-house marketing and graphics team at RTÉ after a competitive review. The concept for the new campaign “took the form of evolutionary leaps and pictured various species of household insects adapting bizarrely clever routines as they interact with found objects that would be familiar to audience members”.

Updated 9/24/09: Added a few bits of reference video

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From RTÉ regarding the creative concept:

A Venus Fly Trap became the narrative force. Fly Traps are green and eat insects – an obviously appropriate addition to this world. The character then developed an other-worldy intelligence and grew purpose; the most important of which was that it loves to play with its food! In a homage to Cronenberg’s The Fly, Venus entices insects into one pod and teleports them out another, with unexpected results! A journey through Venus could either terminate in digestion or lead to a playful metamorphosis where Venus brands his victim with a little of its own Alien DNA. From this logic, Venus develops control of squadrons of bees that obey him to make honey, and an army of ants that feed him kernels to make popcorn.

As a device, Venus functions as the caretaker, predator, and god of this little ecosystem. It is single and plural, male and female, young and old, where each pod has its own personality and voice in “the family tree” so to speak. In this respect, Venus is flexible enough to enlist equal interest from the exceedingly diverse range of audience demographics that rely on RTÉ TWO for: young people’s programming, sports coverage, documentaries, films, wild life, drama, foreign acquisitions, comedy, etc.

As the RTÉ TWO household’s branding machine, Venus sits on an antique console table or “throne” which doubles as a reliable source of “found objects” left by unwitting inhabitants of the household. It is presumably from here that these objects find their way throughout this world to new and bizarre uses. Venus resides in a foyer of sorts, although we never have quite enough information to tell where exactly it is. In this world, people are permanently elsewhere and activity and wonder never sleeps. Every insect seems hopelessly drawn into Venus’ gravity well. Bees, Bluebottles, Fireflies, Ladybirds, Snails, Ants, Spiders and bubbles all vie to escape, or serve Venus – usually bringing him food or entertainment.”



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4 responses to “RTÉ Two: The New Colorful Rebrand Unveiled

  1. seems a bit overly complicated to me – a lot to take in both the vision and the narrative, in such a short space of time. wonder if the viewers will pick up on all that brand theory!

    • ultan courtney

      It is likely to last for up to 7 years – part of the aim was to allow enough elements to be discovered upon each viewing. Other Idents can leave you feeling as though you’ve already “figured it out” – that was not our intention here.

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