Channel Nine Refreshes On-Air With “Welcome Home”

Breaking News: Australia’s Channel Nine unveiled its much anticipated new on-air identity last night at 6pm with a new campaign dubbed “Welcome Home”. The new presentation system is rolled out as Nine buffs up with a fresh programming slate and renewed confidence internally.

A look at the new launch promo:

In related news, the rumors that we were hearing were confirmed today with the announcement that rival Seven is launching its new (free to air digital) channel on November 22 to go head to head with Nine’s digital channel offering  Go, which launched on August 9, targeting 14 to 39-year-olds. Whether or not it cannibalizes the primary channel from Pay TV or it will grow overall numbers remains to be seen.



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3 responses to “Channel Nine Refreshes On-Air With “Welcome Home”

  1. Still a fan of Seven branding. but this is definitely a step forward for Nine- although not sure how I feel about the specific execution. Lots of new positive energy- a bit overused song, but still on point for what they are seemingly trying to achieve.

  2. Brian

    Sorry, but Nine’s totally pales by comparison to the American campaign. The audio edits are horrible, video selection’s not great, the 3D’s cheesy, font selection’s horrible too.

    Here’s the U.S. version:

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