Doctor Who 2010: The New Logo Finally Unveiled

Last week, the 11th logo in the 46 year history of the iconic show was finally revealed. For those unfamiliar with the show, Doctor Who is listed in the Guinness World Records as the longest science fiction television show in the world, and the “most successful” sci fi series of all time (based on overall broadcast ratings, dvd sales, book sales, and online downloads).

Doctor Who’s army of faithful (and vocal) fans have shared their impressions of the new look online and throughout the blogosphere. The feedback thus far been largely positive, which can only help build anticipation for the show’s 5th series premiere in Spring 2010.

The creative concept developed (in partnership between BBC One and Red Bee Media) for the identity aims to align the British science fiction television programme with blockbuster sci-fi film emblems, such as Superman, Star Trek and Batman, which have achieved universal public recognition. Part of the identity, the insignia, features the Doctor’s initials, ‘DW’, simply moulded into the shape of the iconic TARDIS, where all The Doctor’s journeys begin.

Sharing properties with the 1950’s police box, the insignia design uses the same base colour and explores light and dimension to depict the adventure and mystery that is synonymous with the alien time-travelling Doctor.

For those interested, short video history of the Dr. Who logo that, after the jump


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One response to “Doctor Who 2010: The New Logo Finally Unveiled

  1. C.L. Mareydt

    Thank you for the update … I enjoy them all. Doctor Who fan from the beginning to now & everything inbetween!

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