MTV, FX, NBC- Top Views September

It has been a very busy October. I’d like to give a bit of thanks to clients old and new who have given a bit of their personal & professional time to me this past month. This economic climate makes it even more important to reach out, spend valuable face to face time, and have focused, purposeful dialogue about our clients’ real world challenges.

With that, here’s some work that caught your eye last month. In no particular order, (in case you missed it) five of the most viewed posts in September.

Latest stats- 45% of Art & Business of Motion’s readers are in the United States, followed by closeby by the United Kingdom at 20%. Top 3 cities that you are reading from? London, Los Angeles, and New York.

Top Viewed Posts / September 2009
Art & Business of Motion

If you missed it, the best of Fall 2009 TV posters, including fan faves Dexter, Fringe, and House

… first glimpse of NBC’s 2009 colorful rebrand

Rhianna on toast, Taylor Swift scrambled courtesy of MTV’s On-Air Design team

… FX (UK) brings us a set of new idents, including this one titled “Swimming Pool”

… and finally, a 2nd entry from MTV, this time from MTV International which introduces us to the lovable Mister Furry


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One response to “MTV, FX, NBC- Top Views September

  1. Mark Caine

    Love the blog- great to see work represented from both sides of the Atlantic.

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