NBC 2009 Rebrand “More Colorful”


Awhile ago, I had made a post about NBC’s much applauded 2009 rebrand “More Colorful”. The recently launched on-air brand campaign marks a unique and ambitious evolution for NBC with a heavier emphasis on color theory and some internal NBC research that highlighted many of the positive attributes of humanity. The idea that “the experience of emotion is at the core of our humanity” was one cornerstone of the creative DNA for the NBC assignment.

You can read more about the color bursts, 3 pop promo endtags, and a bunch of other custom elements by viewing the official case study here.


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7 responses to “NBC 2009 Rebrand “More Colorful”

  1. Karen Sk

    This is a wonderful use of color and visual language. Lots of on-air work (especially here in Australia) is flat and overly mechanical. Very refreshing.

  2. WacomSpin99


    NBC got the lift it deserves.

  3. Can appreciate the effort that went into this. Thanks for including the case study. Fantastic read.

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  7. Sam

    Yeah, I know this is old but this is absolutely my favourite rebrand ever (apart from Channel 4 of course) – it’ll be a sad day when they get rid of this. At first I wasn’t too sure, but everything just fits together so perfectly… Capacity should win some kind of award for this.

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