AOL Reveals New Brand, Logotype


A few weeks ago, AOL (or is it Aol.) gave us a preview of the new (much talked about) rebrand. The new AOL brand “expresses commitment to stimulating content, openness, and inclusion”. The new branding package includes a new simpler logotype, revealed by ever changing images.

This is a small departure from our television branding focus, but as more advertising agencies leverage motion graphics/creative shops for moving picture & branding expertise- our influence on global creative campaigns can only grow.

AOL has been working with Wolff Olins in translating the vision into a new brand platform for their business. The identity itself “is a platform for expression and creativity reflecting the content, products and services which AOL offers.” A few creative shops were commissioned for the assignment including these spots from NY-based direction and design studio GHAVA.



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5 responses to “AOL Reveals New Brand, Logotype

  1. HDMark

    Not entirely sure what I think of the campaign yet, but if AOL wanted a fresh start, they sure got it.

  2. Kat710

    I like the fresh typeface. I think perhaps many people are jaded because of the history we all have with aol. Perhaps they just wanted a fresh start to their new faced company.

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