Discovery/Hasbro Reveals New Kid Channel Name & Logo


Discovery Communications and Hasbro Inc. have (officially) unveiled the name and logo of their new 50/50 joint venture childrens network. The new Channel will be known as “The Hub” and will reach 60 million homes on what is currently known as Discovery Kids Network. The launch of The Hub is slated for late fall 2010.

CEO Margaret Loesch explains, “A hub is a place where great things come together — and that is precisely what The Hub network will be when it launches. The Hub will be a fun and transformative destination that brings kids and their families together by presenting clever stories and engaging characters.”

Hasbro, the nation’s No. 2 toymaker, closed on its deal to buy a 50 percent stake in the new joint venture in May for $300 million. “Hasbro is a company built on play, and Discovery was founded on curiosity,” said Hasbro CEO Brian Goldner. “The Hub will have the resources of both partners as it goes about re-imaging the future of children’s entertainment.”

The Hub will offer young viewers and their families novel and compelling content, ranging from new comedies and animated adventures to live-action franchises and game shows — all celebrating the core childhood concepts of fun and play.  The network’s tone will be thrilling, modern and dynamic, both on-air and online.  These qualities are represented by The Hub’s spiral logo, which symbolizes a catalyst of action and imagination.


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