More from Al Jazeera’s 2009/2010 Rebrand


Qatar: A pretty exclusive look at a bit more creative (including some original concept copy) from Al Jazeera and their latest rebrand. You can catch up with the earlier part of the campaign here.

Al Jazeera Main Ident

Original Creative Concept: “Water is an essential element for Al Jazeera. The ident starts with a globe filled with news information dropping into the ocean. Unlike the impression of the ocean we have, the world below is bright and warm from where countless particles emerge and spread. Every particle represents something that’s going on in the world. These particles follow the current, finally absorbed at ocean surface by the logo of Al Jazeera to signify the central idea: ONE WORLD, ALL ASPECTS.”

Al Jazeera General Promo

Original Creative Concept: “The sea surface represents an objective platform for opinions, and water drops are different opinions in the world. Water particles move freely in the ocean, coming and going in all directions, bobbing up and down on the sea surface; some water particles collide with the sea surface and some blend in, just like the interflow of various opinions. The endless convergence of opinions finally forms the Al Jazeera logo and slogan: Opinion & Other Opinion.”

Two More Package Elements:
Al Jazeera Breaking News and a look at an Al Jazeera Menu Board



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2 responses to “More from Al Jazeera’s 2009/2010 Rebrand

  1. This feels like Al Jazeera going back to their roots. I worked on their launch identity and all we had for a brief was that it should feature a pearl and water and the logo – so we had a huge pearl splashing into water in close up. It’s nice to see a news channel doing something simple and conceptual.

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