£500k London Rebrand Awarded to…


Just a quick followup from the (dramatic)  review for a new brand consultancy to handle Greater London Authority’s (GLA) £500,000 rebrand of the city of London, which includes a new image and logo for the capital. The coveted rebrand has been awarded to Saffron. If you haven’t heard of them before, you might recognize Saffron’s chairman- Wally Olins (previously co-founded Wolff Olins), the consultancy behind the jagged 2012 Olympics Logo and AOL’s recent rebrand.

The trend of working internationally with branding firms is an increasingly popular and persuasive offering. Saffron describes itself as “an independent consulting firm working for companies, countries and other enterprises on issues related to branding and identity.”

“Each Saffron project team is tailor made, and assembled from our offices in London, Madrid, Mumbai and New York. People from multiple locations work together as a creative/strategic task force—a bit like producing a movie.

We’re adept in our singular globalization-attuned work style because we know the world. We think it makes us different. We know it makes us better at what we do. “


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