MTV Ignites With Rebrand and Fresh Idents


Europe: MTV’s world design studio in Milan (MTV International) builds on its branding campaign last year by rebranding 6 of its genre-based channels in the UK: MTV Dance, MTV Hits, MTV Rocks, MTV Shows, MTV Base, and MTV Classics. The over-arching campaign includes name changes, new idents, and refreshed logos.

MTV2 will now become MTV Rocks, VH1 Classic will be MTV Classic and MTVR becomes MTV Shows. Base, Dance and Hits will keep their name but will undergo the visual rebranding.

Roberto Bagatti, creative director of MTV’s world design studio explains the design philosophy, “The idea is to promote healthy collaboration between the world’s best motion design talent, whether they are established or straight out of school and wet behind the ears.”

With regards to MTV’s current brand evolution Bagatti adds, “Over time this will allow MTV International to grow and evolve our idents into what could be the best body of international motion design work associated with one brand”.

Here’s a preview of a few more of the new idents for those outside of the UK (click KEEP READING more). MTV Dance Idents were designed by Paris-based View. MTV Rocks Idents were developed by Amsterdam-based Post Panic.

MTV Dance Ident “Parking”

MTV Rocks Ident “Centipede”

MTV Rocks Ident “Deployment”



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