Discovery Channel Goes Down Under for Man vs. Wild


I’m a big fan of Bear Grylls. I’m also a fan of doing things a bit unconventionally, and such is the case with Discovery Channel’s most recent campaign for Man vs. Wild. Discovery’s experienced CD Jeff Strong & Producer Tyler Corba set out with a story they wanted to tell. Despite a 15 hour time difference, Discovery tasked Director Ash Boland and Sydney-based Umeric to bring a distinctively Australian feel to the campaign.

While not yet the norm, more network clients are looking to design firms in other countries for their unique design & branding expertise. Teams working together from around the world utilize a combination of web-based collaboration tools as well as creativity in their production pipeline approach (Umeric shot footage in Central Park at the peak of fall, working around Bear’s schedule) to minimize the challenges of not being in the same city.

What’s left is a truly global collaboration. Don’t forget, Bear is signed up for a new Discovery Show “Worst Case Scenario” which premieres on Discovery Channel in May.


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3 responses to “Discovery Channel Goes Down Under for Man vs. Wild

  1. Wilder

    It’s “JUMANJI”!

    Hard to believe “Worst Case Scenario” is coming back. I worked on the original show graphics back when it was on TBS. Can’t wait to see v2.0 🙂

  2. @Wilder I think I remember those graphics! Looking forward to seeing the new version as well. This spot posted is very sharp. Nice to see an international touch.

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