Abrams, Fringe Go Retro With Special Title Sequence


Lots of fans are buzzing about the recent Fringe episode “Peter”, in which we are taken flashback style to 1985. The episode is accompanied by a specially designed title sequence. It is this sort of clever, playful approach to storytelling that makes J.J. one of the most challenging and rewarding clients to work with.

I still remember my first meeting with him in 2004 during an early production meeting for Lost. What struck me was his uncanny ability to juggle the hysteria of being a show runner with his quiet, confident approach to storytelling. Trust me when I say he probably had this concept already percolating in his head. The Tron-style graphics in the special title sequence set the perfect tone.

And with former Brothers & Sisters show runners Monica Breen and Alison Schapker joining J.J. on Fringe, you can expect even more awesome storylines to come. Currently, Abrams is fine tuning the pilot for NBC’s Undercovers, which has him directing his first pilot since the 2004 Lost premiere.

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