Animal Planet’s New Tagline, Campaign: Surprisingly Human


Today, Animal Planet formally announced a bit of news that has been quietly circulating behind the scenes for some time. The Discovery Communications owned channel is continuing the brand transformation (from 2008) with a new network campaign and tagline, “Surprisingly Human”.

Victoria Lowell, senior vice president of marketing and operations for Animal Planet Media, tells us that the campaign “challenges everything people thought they knew about the brand with a direct, yet provocative, message that’s guaranteed to change perceptions.” To get the message out, the network is airing the new brand spots on a few blockbuster shows including American Idol, Lost, Survivor, and Dancing with the Stars.

This comes off a 25 continuous months of ratings growth for the network. “There is no human world separate from the animal world,” says president and general manager Marjorie Kaplan. “We all inhabit one large, living planet, and the stories we can tell at the margins where humans’ and animals’ lives intersect make for terrific entertainment.” The new campaign was developed in-house by Animal Planet Marketing and Discovery Creative.

Here’s a glimpse of the new campaign, what do you think?

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6 responses to “Animal Planet’s New Tagline, Campaign: Surprisingly Human

  1. We’ll see how it plays out. I like the human angle on the new campaign, but I’m left feeling a little perplexed. Overall, I’m looking forward to seeing more.

  2. MNCD

    I’m still recovering from the assault on the letter M. I’m giving the new campaign a chance. On a positive note, they’ve obviously learned quite a deal from their last rebrand. Re-aligning their programming to the wider audience is a smart move.

    But again, the M stands alone.

  3. Branson

    What is with Animal Planet’s obsession with the M? Since I am in Sydney, I must not be getting the obvious US reference. First the M got turned on its side, and now the m is highlighted in “Surprisingly Human”.

    Anyone able to clue me us in on what it represents, or is this a design element we’re just not fully getting?

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  5. Candice

    I think it’s…well,to be blunt,stupid.This channel is called Animal Planet,not Human Planet.Therefore,they should go back to what they were doing:focusing on the animals,not to the people who get attacked by them,which seems to be the only shows they are broadcasting.So,no,animals are not “Surprisingly Human.”Whoever came up with that needs to seriously rethink some things.And why are they focusing on an older audience?Do older audiences like watching misleading shows about “maneaters”?Well,apparently so.But that does not accurately represent any animal I have ever heard of.Yes,let’s lower thew IQ of the world a little more,by all means!

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