More of ITV’s New On-Air Refresh, Idents


Just in: As first reported by Art & Business of Motion a few days ago, ITV (UK) has begun rolling out a new a series of new idents as well as an evolved on-screen presentation system. This includes an updated ITV1 logo developed by in-house ITV Creative. This comes a year after ITV first launched it’s ambitious new brand campaign.

ITV1 Refresh

ITV1 Refresh

ITV1 Refresh

For our readers outside of the UK, here’s a glimpse at a few components of the new identity package. The four new idents are Sunflowers, Lanterns, Snakes & Ladders, and Dodgems. The 4th ident, Dodgems has not yet been released as of today.
*Updated 3 May: Dodgems can be seen here.

There’s been a lot of scrutiny revolving ITV in the last year. Regardless of what you think of their brand creative, business model, or content, ITV continues to be an interesting unfolding story that we look forward sharing with you.

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3 responses to “More of ITV’s New On-Air Refresh, Idents

  1. Branson

    Really digging the new creative. Feels like an up-do!

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