USA Launches New In-House Creative Agency


Breaking News: It was confirmed during USA’s recent 2010 Upfront presentation, that indeed the top rated cable network has launched a new in-house creative agency called Character Brandworks. The focus of the new think-tank offering is designed to help clients (advertisers) identify the face of their brands, much like the successful effort that yielded the highly successful Characters Welcome campaign.

“This is a team of people who come together to visualize the character or characteristics of your product and then build a solution around it,” Chris McCumber EVP Marketing, Digital, and Brand Strategy explains. “USA has been so adept at creating associative links between its on-air characters and the consumers who make up its audience that it can just as easily devise similar connections between sponsor and character.” It remains to be seen if the creative agency will eventually evolve into a production and brand creative solution for other networks.


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2 responses to “USA Launches New In-House Creative Agency

  1. Wilder

    Nice! This is just USA telling advertisers, your stuff sucks! PLEASE, let us do it for you. Congrats to USA for taking the bull by the horns.

  2. Branson

    @Wilder LOL that’s one way to put it!

    I’d also say it’s some interesting creative synergy. Leverage a network’s strong brand offering as an opportunity to advertisers in an identity funk. Not to mention some loyalty built into these new relationships? Smart move on USAs part.

    Would love to hear updates to this story!

    Btw- love the blog and content. Can’t get enough! Keep up the great work-

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