New Bravo Identity, Refreshed Logo to be Revealed


Update 27 May: You can get a peek at some of the new identity through Bravo’s newly refreshed site. Video here.

Update 31 May: Updated New Bravo Ident

Breaking News: Virgin Media Television’s UK channel for men, Bravo, is set to unveil its new brand identity. VMtv’s tagline for the channel “Home of the Brave” aims to reflect the Bravo rebrand and its new tone and channel personality. I’ve seen a preview of the new idents, which were developed in-house by VMtv Creative, and I must say they are pretty modern and a refreshing change.

The well recognized Bravo devil horned logo has been softened. The refreshed logo has a slightly chromatic, metallic finish. And in the new series of idents (released next week), the new logo finds itself traveling down a moody, futuristic street, with Matrix’y sort of music setting an appropriately masculine tone.

Head of Creative at Virgin Media Television, Scott Russell adds, “The challenge was to take the much loved Bravo logo and give it a new on and off air look that matched the premium content and ambition of the channel.”



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3 responses to “New Bravo Identity, Refreshed Logo to be Revealed

  1. Katt99

    Would love to see more edgy stuff from Bravo. For awhile there, it was seriously ‘home of the boring’.

    The new idents, or what I can read from them, look promising. Kudos to vmtv creative-

  2. Marc Sims

    I must say it was impressive to see Bravo take a turn for the better with the mass media creative assault on Tuesday. Think I saw that impressive double spread Gladiator-ish show in 3 different papers.

    Almost feels like a new network. What gives?

    I likey!

  3. What exactly does the new brand package look like? The updated logo is more in line with how I see the channel and programming.

    A few bits of male-focused branding work from the States I’ve seen, including campaigns from Spike were well executed but lacked a sense of “soul”.

    Will keep an eye on this one and see if its a full commit or more of a toe dip.

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