A Glimpse at Studio Universal’s Global Channel Launch


Way back in March, we brought you a bit of news from Universal Networks International’s ambitious channel launch strategy, which aim was to develop brands to deliver new original, first-run content targeted at local audiences around the globe.

Studio Universal 2010 Brand Launch

Driven by the concept ‘inside studio’, Studio Universal brings to life an insiders perspective from the studio that makes the movies.

Central to the look is the new Studio Universal logo and the yellow and black illuminated environments. Use of the arc in the logo creates a screen for content and info. The brand identity and on-air presentation was led by agency DixonBaxi.

Promo Endboard

A comprehensive on air presentation system, brand guide, and promo toolkit were developed to accompany the suite of new :20 idents. Don’t forget, if you like us, why not show us some love on Facebook?

Studio Universal 2010 Brand Guide

Click keep reading for 2 more idents and more OSP

Studio Universal 2010 OSP



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5 responses to “A Glimpse at Studio Universal’s Global Channel Launch

  1. MKC8

    Didn’t even know the channel existed. Nice compilation, music is pretty epic (suitable). Seems a little safe but overall in-line with what I would expect from Uni.

  2. Katt99

    You never really know what the internal challenges are at Universal to get this approved. What may seem safe to you might be liberally creative to others.

    On a positive note the brand guide looks pretty impressive. Would really love to see more of these posted and shared.

    Btw, we all love your blog at the office! Keep it up!

  3. Sam

    This looks awesome. Can’t wait to see some of those promos in motion.

  4. ItsWilder

    This looks well executed and has a lot of potential to expand in the coming years if they can stick with it.

    Personally, I think the IDs look a bit cheesy. Just not a fan of all the 3D, but the promo layouts look very promising.

    On the other hand, I can’t look at black and gold and not see Dewalt or Nat Geo. It also looks pretty similar to the TNT redesign done a couple of years ago.

  5. I forgot that these new channels existed. Only complaint is that I would like to see more of the package. What specific offer do these channels present regionally?

    Admittedly the idents are not as amazing as I would have imagined, but I think we’ve become accustomed to “over the top” IDs these days.

    Really curious to see what the OSP looks like. Is this something you’ll be updating us with?

    Btw, if it wasn’t for this blog, there would be a massive vacuum for this particular part of the industry. Really keep up the good work mate!

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