FOX Latin America Unveils FX Rebrand


Several years ago, I shared a stage at CTAM with Stephanie Gibbons (then SVP at Showtime). We presented a few joint case studies and were invited to talk about the challenges that come with keeping on air-brands fresh, emotive, and relevant. Just a short while later, Stephanie would head to FX as EVP Marketing and lend her considerable talents to lead the channel’s first major branding campaign in 13 years, simply titled “There is no box”.

Since launching the campaign in the US in 2008, FX has continued to deliver versatile (and successful) programming along with a distinct and well recognized on-air brand personality. This success has translated into a worldwide channel fanbase in areas as diverse as Romania, UK, Taiwan, and (as we bring you here) Latin America.

FX 2010

FX 2010

FOX Latin America has unveiled a new on-air refresh for FX. The new campaign is led by FOX VP/Creative Director Corina Capuano and Argentine design agency Superestudio. The new look, predominantly 2D, offers a diverse palette to support a wide diversity of genres presented on the channel. So here’s a look at FX, from a Latin American perspective:

FX 2010

FX 2010


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