Comedy Central Explores Rebrand


A quick hit for you this morning and fresh off the presses, here’s a look at Royale’s exploration of the much loved Comedy Central brand. You’ll notice a shift away from the channel’s previous “urban feel” towards well… a bare buttocked monkey finding his coveted banana in the newly minted Comedy Central logo. Alright then.

*Clarifying that this is indeed a rebrand exploration, not necessarily what you will see on-air. Enjoy.

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One response to “Comedy Central Explores Rebrand

  1. KaiSen

    So, the monkeys are going to finally use that logo on-air as opposed to just in promos and their late-late-night block? About time! And as odd as it seems, they seem like they’ve taken their cue from Fred/Alan’s legendary work on MTV’s formerly iconic logo before Viacom decided to streamline and homogenize the logo recently. Ironic considering Viacom owns both MTV and Comedy Central.

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