Nicktoons Launches New Explosive Idents


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Nicktoons, the popular US kids network featuring fan favourites Wolverine and the X-Men, Speed Racer: The Next Generation, and Avatar: The Last Airbender, has just released a series of four new idents.

Nicktoons 2010 Ident (1 of 4)

The network IDs were intended to be unique and not necessarily feel like a campaign, each with its own unique aesthetic. The IDs target Nicktoon’s primary audience of teen boys.

The four :10 idents “Thunder”, “Popcorn Type”, “Glacier Cave”, and “Pull the Carpet” pushed a few creative boundaries, including a rare play with the logo itself. Nick/Nicktoons collaborated with NY-based Nailgun* on the assignment.

*Click keep reading if you’re interested in some creative/animation background on the idents, including sketches, motion tests, and rough cuts.



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6 responses to “Nicktoons Launches New Explosive Idents

  1. Carolina

    I like the direction. Sorta appreciate the “standalone’ness” of these, obviously Nicktoons has enough brand credibility to pull it off. Kudos to the design agency.

  2. Simbian Kartel

    Haven’t heard much of Nailgun before (Paris here), good to see the work.

  3. Martin L

    Good to see the creative background stuff shared. Wish more folks would share that sort of thinking. Not only says a lot about the creativity of the agency but its openness process.

  4. Melissa Sinclair

    Enjoying the approach. What’s not to love about shatter effects! Nice job Nailgun + Nicktoons!


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  6. Lewis

    Very nice. Shatter effects are always col. Loved the cave animatic.

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