Promo Batch: Urban Channel, Cityvibe

Latin American premium channel Cityvibe has released a big delicious batch of promos touting its lineup of carefully selected programming which includes independent film, acclaimed series, horror and adult movies, short films, anime, concerts and documentaries.

Cityvibe is described as “the other side of mainstream television”. The promo style is based on the change, re-interpretation and overlapping of stimuli.

You’ll notice that these promos have the style of a VJ session (responsive AV) or one of a live cinema piece. Interestingly, as the channel’s advertisements don’t aim at direct sales, the spots act on a much more abstract level, making room for being more experimental and less literal. The “Primetime May Dub” promo (seen next) is particularly clever and amusing.

Special thanks to Andre Takeda, Creative Director FOX Latin American Channels for reaching out and sharing the new work. Credits include VP Creative Services: Corina Capuano, Associate Director: Juan Mascali, Senior Copywriter: Adriana Lodolo, Editor: Diego Gonzalez Farina / Pablo Espanet, Sound Designer: Federico Bertossi



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3 responses to “Promo Batch: Urban Channel, Cityvibe

  1. This channel is amazing. Maybe, one with the best and interesting works in promos, that is completely directing and created by Adriana Lodolo as Senior Copywriter of Cityvibe. A young woman with a very widescreen and radical point of view about tv and branding.

  2. Martin L

    Really clever and surprising promo work. Kudos to the creative team.

  3. Melissa

    LOVE the “interlaced” spot. Wondering how difficult it was to get these approved. Could really use this sort of flavour in the UK television scene.

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