Paramount/MGM/Lionsgate Joint Movie Channel EPIX/The 3 Launches


Back in January 2009, I shared some very early information on a new premium movie channel venture that would offer top tier films and original entertainment along with broadband delivery access.

I was a bit cautiously optimistic regarding the HBO/Showtime starlet until I heard more about the specifics of the channel, namely that it would be run by Mark Greenberg.

Mark has a pretty clear vision for the offering, and as most of us that have worked with him will agree, he’s as sharp as they come.

It’s been an interesting story from the inside of EPIX, namely the drama with Showtime in the early goings but I won’t bore you with those details. Instead, The 3 from EPIX has recently launched on a few new carriers (overall carriage is still not widespread) with a ‘homespun’ brand designed by the team at loyalkaspar.

Greenberg explains what differentiates EPIX from competition, “First, we have our movies at an earlier window than others. We’ve shortened the timetable and made them available longer. We have more movies on demand and we’ve created this multi-platform approach”.

As for the creative approach to “The 3”,  loyalkaspar wanted to brand the channel with “nothing but cardboard, scissors, and imagination.” Some behind the scenes for your viewing as well. What do you think of it?



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3 responses to “Paramount/MGM/Lionsgate Joint Movie Channel EPIX/The 3 Launches

  1. Melissa

    Sorry to say I don’t particularly get it. I suppose they are trying to carve out a unique ‘homemade’ personality.

    I think this may be one of the cases where concept didn’t really live up to the execution. Kudos to loyalkaspar for the concept.

  2. Andy

    I really love the aesthetic of this packaging. The menus and i.d.s feel intimate, organic and have a great kinetic sense of interaction. The lack of pretense paints the Brand with a real brush of accessibility. Excellent work.

  3. anonimous

    I dont think it works at all…kind of arty work that only fits in a crappy concept

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