First Look: Universal Networks Launches DIVA Universal


Way back in March, I shared a bit of insight on the revitalization of the Universal Global Channel portfolio.

Sunday we brought you GEM, the new female focused Australian channel; today we give you a first glimpse at Universal Networks International’s new channel DIVA Universal. Previously Hallmark Channel, DIVA Universal is “at it’s heart the idea of celebration and expression”.

The idents are a series of surprising formations of the Diva logo filled with vibrant colours, shapes, and textures with a glossy white exterior. The brand launch was led by Dixon Baxi with the idents and OSP system produced by WeAreSeventeen.

The graphic language is bold and direct allowing for comment, expression and opinion. A series of striking colours underpinned by a sophisticated grey bring an energy to the look.

A flexible system allows different territories to adapt and localise the package for their audience. It also allows for multiple language use whilst retaining the bold look and typography. Special thanks to Universal Networks International & Aporva Baxi, Gareth Evans for reaching out and getting us this early look at the channel.

Before year’s end, we’ll be able to share a bit from the much talked about launch of OWN, the Oprah Winfrey Network. Be sure to stay connected via our Facebook at or at

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One response to “First Look: Universal Networks Launches DIVA Universal

  1. Simbian Kartel

    Beautifully executed. Would be great to see more of the campaign. Looks what what Bravo (US) SHOULD have attempted back in the day.

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