3 Surreal New MTV Rocks Idents via MTV World Design Studio


A bit of brand new work from our friends at the MTV World Design Studio in Milan, a set of 3 new buzz-worthy idents for MTV Rocks titled ‘Fly-by’, ‘Bugs’ and ‘Loop-the-Loop’. The initial brief was to encapsulate the mood and emotion associated with alternative music and create a series of idents to serve the MTV Rocks branding established by the MTV World Design Studio.

MTV Rocks Ident "Bugs"

The 3 new idents extend the current storytelling series to 8. Director Mischa Rozema developed a central theme of an on-going film that the viewer drops in and out of and wrote a set of scripts based in an imaginary landscape populated with surreal characters and situations. Production was led by Amsterdam-based PostPanic.

Special thanks to VP/Creative Director MTV International Roberto Bagatti, and MTV ACD Anna Caregnato. In case you missed it, other recent notable work from MTV World Design Studio includes the much talked about new global music property, MTV Push, which we offered an exclusive look at here.


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