Brazil’s Telecine Reveals Spirited Multi-Channel Portfolio Rebrand


In an effort to continue to showcase notable creative outside of Europe and America, here’s some newly released identity work from Brazil. Rede Telecine is a family of six premium television channels, which is a joint venture between Globosat, FOX, Paramount, Universal, MGM, and Dreamworks.

Flagship channel Telecine Premium leads the lineup which includes Telecine Action, Touch, Fun, and Pipoca. (Pipoca, previously Telecine Happy, means popcorn in Portuguese, cute right?). One of the base requirements of the assignment was to not only reposition and revitalize the system of sub-channel brands, but to build a sense of uniform harmony and transform the portfolio perception among viewers.

Here’s a montage of the new package and on-screen elements, note that I’ve made it available in 720 & 1080 HD.

The brief: “strengthen the branch perception and offer variety associated with the network. Clarify the communication channels with the public. Build an identity that combines a cohesive and catching brand system, with attractive and authentic sub-identities”.

A grid system was used to keep the sub-channels unified, all the while allowing the thematic channels to grow a bit of unique personality among the family. The comprehensive rebrand and launch of the new visual identity was led by 10 month old, Rio-based studio Beeld. The result is an eye-catching statement for the Brazilian broadcaster.



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2 responses to “Brazil’s Telecine Reveals Spirited Multi-Channel Portfolio Rebrand

  1. andrelsens

    Hey Denny,

    If you dont see yet, check more rebrand details and an interview with Eduardo Tosto from BEELD.:

    One more thing: Rede Telecine is the main movie channel group from Globosat cable channels which belongs to Organizações Globo, the same of TV Globo.

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