National Geographic’s ‘Great Migrations’ A Visual Masterpiece


As someone who has loved every minute of BBC’s (/Discovery Channel’s) epic mini-series ‘Life‘, it shouldn’t surprise you that Nat Geo’s ambitious global programming event, ‘Great Migrations’, has me equally excited. The thriller takes viewers around the world on the arduous journey millions of animals undertake to ensure the survival of their species (shiver!). Sort of sounds like my migration from Los Angeles to London, but I digress.

National Geographic's 'Great Migrations'

Great Migrations is a worldwide initiative unprecedented in Nat Geo’s storied 120 year history. At the core of the series is a seven-hour high-definition miniseries event three years in the making — produced by National Geographic Television. A comprehensive marketing, communications and digital cross-platform campaign will reach audiences nationwide.

National Geographic's 'Great Migrations'

National Geographic's 'Great Migrations'

First up, an eye-catching :60 promo that takes some stunning footage and weaves a careful mix of graphics into the story of risk and power involved in every migration. The fundamental drive for movement is captured in a single epic motion across the minute long piece. The spot was created through a collaboration between Gentleman Scholar (Design) and Whitehouse Post (Editorial).

As I’ve done in the past (to pretty positive feedback), here’s a peek at the creative development of the project, which includes an early written and storyboard treatment. Enjoy.

'Great Migrations' Early Concept Treatment (click for full)

Special thanks to Nat Geo’s Megan Gilbert for reaching out, a shoutout to Whitehouse editor & friend Josh Bodnar (whom I’m sure you remember from his Emmy winning work on the Dexter main title), EP Rob Sanborn and directorial creds to William Campbell & Will Johnson.

I know some of you are really eager to get an update on NGC channel branding- not to worry as I will be providing you some brand new creative from the global ‘Live Curious’ campaign straight from the folks at Nat Geo themselves. Stay tuned!



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3 responses to “National Geographic’s ‘Great Migrations’ A Visual Masterpiece

  1. Simon

    Brilliant. The spot is edited perfectly, and the creative really beautiful. Nat Geo is really producing some incredible creative- can’t wait to see the Live Curious update.

    Also kudos for the blog, we read it religiously! Keep up the fantastic work.

  2. KarinF

    Would love to see other elements from the campaign. As a promo CD myself, this just proves that great spots like these can feel effortless, and that there IS indeed room for creative visuals and not the stock chop chop chop approach.

  3. Hello Denny, First off, thank you for all of your inspirational and informative posts, I truly enjoy the blog!

    Speaking of Josh Bodnar I have 2 interviews that I had with him on my website that I would like to share, the interviews are linked below:

    Part 1: Interview with Josh Bodnar:

    Part 2: Interview with Josh Bodnar:

    I am a huge fan of Josh’s work and his amazing editorial talent.

    Thank you once again for your work.

    Congratulations on all of your success!

    Deyson Ortiz

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