Discovery Seeks History With Freshly Rebranded Channel


After extensive research, the decision was made to rebrand and reposition Discovery Knowledge into Discovery History “a niche proposition of presenter led factual programming, where the greatest stories are told by the most passionate people”.

The rebrand marks the first launch of a dedicated history channel for the Discovery network globally, buoyed by an ambitious and fascinating commissioning slate fronted by talent including Dan Snow and Lord Michael Ashcroft.

As you might remember, Discovery Civilisations was rebranded as Discovery Knowledge back in 2007, when the channel focused mainly on history, engineering, and crime.

Discovery UK head of programming Dan Korn explains, “There was always some confusion with BBC Knowledge. Discovery History will be clear and unambiguous.” He adds that the Knowledge brand had confused viewers as it was insufficiently “distinct or bold”.

The new positioning takes Discovery History’s focus to “the only UK channel dedicated to factual history”, a counter challenge to category arch-rivals History and Yesterday. Led by the team at Discovery UK Creative, the talent spots were helmed by Brothers and Sisters, with idents, logo, and OSP designed by Pete & Tom.

A special thanks to Discovery UK, VP On-Air Marketing/ECD Federico Gaggio and Marketing Director Tim Hughes for sharing the work and campaign insight. Would also like to highlight Discovery UK Creative’s new dedicated site and blog, which showcases a number of recent branding, design, and promo projects including notable work for Discovery Turbo and (personal favourite) Bear Grylls. Check it out.

What leading creatives are saying…

“Art & Business in Motion is a great resource for keeping current with broadcast identities from around the world. It provides some wonderful perspective to processes involved in creating them.” Evan Mathis, Creative Director – USA Network


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3 responses to “Discovery Seeks History With Freshly Rebranded Channel

  1. Cam

    Surprisingly good lift over what was Discovery Knowledge. Would be great to see the OSP elements in action, overall a clean and encouraging bit of redesign-

    Kudos to Discovery Creative for getting it right.

  2. Melissa

    Seeing the new Discovery History marketing everywhere online recently. They’ve really stepped it up a notch. A+!

  3. Really pleasantly surprised with the rebrand and glad to see the change of direction from Knowledge. Lots of equity in the history space- nice creative execution.

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