HBO Showcases Force In Newest Ident


HBO Asia begins to unveil the first of a series of new idents via a concept codenamed “Abstract & Tease”. The goal was to give the new polished idents a twist by using elements that were surprising, unexpected, and interesting.

HBO Asia 2010 Ident "Magnet"

Led by HBO Executive Producer Brenda Chia, and helmed by Creative Director JL from Taipei-based JL Design, the result is an HBO presented in a slightly different light, this one titled “Magnet”.

Leveraging a visual metaphor representing HBO’s influence, the :15 ident uses a combination of iron fillings and solid sound design (led by HBO audio engineer Boris Goh) to express the channel’s rippling effect on the industry and impact with audiences. While some would point out that Showtime has made a serious play to HBO’s leadership perch in the US, few would argue with HBO’s continued significant influence internationally* in television.

*For UK readers, I’ll be sharing some insight on the Sky/HBO multi-year output deal and the much talked about Sky Atlantic HD channel brand launch in the coming months.

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