The Inside Scoop On Comedy Central’s 2011 New Look


Okay internet, you can put your pitchforks down. Since Comedy Central’s JUST released a glimpse at Comedy Central’s official unveiling yesterday in New York City, a cloud of brand enthusiasts (notably wearing Gap and drinking out of Tropicana cartons) has emerged. I’d suggest you save your final creative judgments for the full on-air creative package which launches in the beginning of 2011.

Comedy Central Logo (Old/New)

Part of the first major rebranding effort by Comedy Central in 10 years, much respected Comedy Central SVP Brand Creative Bob Salazar adds, “If you think of social media, videogames, and the conventional competition, it has changed dramatically in the last 10 years. Even though the brand has never been as strong, we felt that refreshing it in our promotion and our branding, was something that we felt this moment in the network’s history would be the perfect time for.”

Gone is the iconic skyscraper globe icon, replaced with a newly redesigned mark at the heart of the logo. Primarily comprised of a stark two letter Cs, one inverted, with the “Central” part of the channel’s name spelled out upside-down, the new logo is minimalist and austere, representing “the irreverent wink” of the channel.

Salazar (previously heading brand image at male focused Spike, and women’s network Lifetime) adds ,”It is more than a logo, it is everything you know about Comedy Central but in this more modern proposition.”

Comedy Central gathered pitches from seven design companies with The Lab winning the high profile assignment. Though the refresh officially launches at the beginning of 2011, Comedy Central tells me that folks in the US are able to preview a bit of the new direction here, in a montage titled “Comedy Central: Refreshed and Rededicated”.

Unfortunately for myself and other Londoners (and everyone else outside the States), you’ll just have to keep reading the blog or like us on Facebook for more updates. Or you can read a take from a CC logo parody Twitter account which is already up and running.

You know you’ve made it when people are parodying you so quickly. Congrats Comedy Central! /wink wink. Tell me what you think of the new direction in the comments below.

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One response to “The Inside Scoop On Comedy Central’s 2011 New Look

  1. There’s a copy of the promo on YouTube right now. Just check under the title “Comedy Central new ID.” The sizzle reel looks really impressive. Almost Adult Swim-like in execution but more urban and sophisticated.

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